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Cruise Ship First: An On-Land Wine Fest

Celebrity Cruises helms the "industry's first land-based" wine bash.



    Celebrity Cruises is organize the "industry's first land-based wine and food festival" at Irvine's Great Park on Saturday, May 31.

    THE FUNNY THING... about cruise ship parties is, well, they tend to be on cruise ships. If you think of a giant blowout under a cruise company banner, you're apt to think of decks, ballrooms, and miles upon miles of ocean blue. So the question, then, is this: Can a cruise company party on terra firma? And not just docked, but, rather, can a cruise head inland and throw down, all in the name of an important organization? Not only can they, but they shall. Celebrity Cruises is organizing "the industry's first land-based wine and food festival," and it is indeed happening off the waves, at the Great Park in Irvine.

    DATES AND DETAILS: It's happening the final Saturday in May -- that's the 31st -- from 2 to 5 p.m. The beneficiary? That's LegalAid of Orange County, a nonprofit which "provides free and low-cost legal services to individuals of Southern California who might otherwise be denied access to justice." A ticket? That's $75, if you buy it before the end of April (helloooo, early bird special, we like you so). After that, it's a hundred dollars. As for the vino and eat-o specialists joining in on the first Celebrity Cruises Great Wine Festival? The list is as long as cruise-style buffet: Malibu Rocky Oaks, Alaskan Brewing Company, Freemark Abbey, and Round Pond are some of the outfits bringing up the beverage end of things; Slapfish and Clay Oven are two of the food-nice participants.

    AS FAR AS... dressing cruise-style, even though you'll be on firm earth? That's up to you. Linen pants and sunhats work well in Irvine and on the Pacific. Though rocking a cheeky captain's-style hat or marine-fancy dress could bring an ocean breeze to the land-based live-it-up.