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Holiday Train with Our Favorite Jolly Ol' Chap

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Holiday Train with Our Favorite Jolly Ol' Chap

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Christmas Tree Holiday: Fillmore is a small town in the center of the agricultural rich Heritage valley.  It’s also home to the Fillmore—you don’t say—and Western tourist train, which takes you on a 20-mile round trip aboard vintage 1940 Pullman cars.  From now until December 19, take the route to Christmas Tree Farm and meet the special guest on board: Mister Santa Clause, himself.  We know that "ol' St. Nick" is a big name celeb among the kiddos. 

Speaking of the jolly fellow: The Santa's Shopper Holiday Train will be December 18 and 19 from 12 p.m. (departure) to 2:30 p.m. (return).  Gift items and christmas decor will be aboard.  More events with Chris Cringle?  "Dinner with Santa" and the "North Poll Express"

Look out the window and catch a glimpse of: Miles of orange, lemon and avocado groves, the half-way point, Santa Paula—did someone say Santa?—and the rest of the breath-taking views of the Heritage Valley, surrounding mountains and all. Slight warning: The trains are historic and even, as we put it earlier, vintage and although they have been immaculately restored, no heating or air conditioning is available. Buy tickets here.

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