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Life-Saving Flip Flops



    If flip flops could ever save your life, these would be the ones.

    We're big fans of Teva sandals and walking at night, so the addition of mini LED flashlights to those comfy $60 kicks has us intrigued.

    Go ahead, walk around with a miniature version of car headlights beaming from just in front of your ankles. They could save your life. When you're not using those mini-lights, you can detach them from the shoes and clip them to a keychain.

    This might seem like a dumb idea at first, but we like the idea of lit-up shoes — not so much for the illumination they provide the walker, but for the way they enhance your visibility when roaming suburban streets at night. That oughta save me from hot-rodding whippersnapper motorists who might not spot an exhausted blogger stumbling around on his midnight stroll.

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