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Yelp! Raps Washes Over Wave House

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    Yelp/Heather W.

    Hundreds turned out for the Yelp! Raps party at the Wave House in Mission Beach.

    The San Diego branch of the community-ratings Web site was out in force for Thursday night's party at the San Diego landmark. In addition to food provided by Berkeley Pizza, Devine Pastabilities and the Rubicon Deli, partygoeers were entertained by break dancers, live music and some of the top flowboarders in the world.

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    Inside the Yelp Raps Party at Wave House

    [DGO] Inside the Yelp Raps Party at Wave House
    Take a walking tour of the community rating site's party at Mission Beach.

    "It's basically a local celebration of some of the most highly rated businesses on," said San Diego's Yelp Community manager, Danny Wurst.

    Wurst said the there are typically two such Yelp events on the map each year. He said he was still planning out the next event.