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Sounds Like San Diego: Jan. 26



    Rosemary Bystrak
    Rob Crow performs in one of his many projects on the Casbah stage.

    Rob Crow is set to make his second of three appearances at the Casbah tonight with yet another side project called Mission:Valley. Mostly known by mainstream music fans for his work with Pinback, San Diego music loyalists know Crow for his other myriad of projects like Heavy Vegetable and Goblin C**k. He also appeared this month with Creedle and will be back on Wednesday with Optiganally Yours, but after their debut at Soda Bar on Nov. 29, the evidence is in Mission: Valley is not to be missed.

    Tuesday, Jan. 26:

    • Terrible Tuesdays: Mission:Valley, Dead Ghosts, Gravatorium, DJ Gabe Serbian @ the Casbah
    • The Canton Mudders, the Jasper Dickson Revue @ Soda Bar
    • Parachute, Safetysuit @ Price Center Ballroom East @ UCSD
    • Anthology House Band @ Anthology
    • Brawley, Adeian Demain @ Riviera Supper Club
    • Maryanne McSweeney, Claire Daly @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
    • 52nd Street @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
    • Hey! Ho! Lets Go!, Punch Card Drunk @ Winston's
    • The Stilettos @ Henry's Pub
    • Jaimie Muehlhausen @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
    • Doug Allen @ The Kraken
    • The Burnsville Band @ Patrick's ll
    • Jim Moore @ McP's Irish Pub
    • Joe Marson @ Tiki House
    • Lindsay White, The Bigfellas @ Bare Back Grill
    • Soul Ablaze @ RT's Longboard Bar & Grill

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