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Bonnaroo Bound

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Bonnaroo Bound

Alex Oat/

Joel P West and the Tree Ring are loved as much for their beautiful songwriting as for their contributions to the local arts community.

With the help of a couple of San Diegans and Ford,  a local musician is headed to the  Bonnaroo Music Arts Festival.

As part of a national competition managed by the Ford Motor Company, Team San Diego -- consisting of Dave Brown (Holiday Matinee) and Zack Nielsen ( -- were asked to find a local musician and raise awareness for the artist in the community. Brown and Nielsen chose Joel P. West and the Tree Ring, saying that  "Joel has been a hidden gem among San Diego's recently buzzing music scene for the past several years. We've had the pleasure of watching Joel's music evolve from an acoustic project to a fleshed-out, string-based quartet, a.k.a. the Tree Ring." 

In West's honor, Team SD threw a sold-out special event for the artist at the Sherwood Auditorium in the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego. Due to the success of the event -- drawing a crowd of 500-plus --  Joel P. West and the Tree Ring will have the opportunity to play at the Bonnaroo Music Arts Festival in Manchester, Tenn., on June 10-13, alongside Jay-Z, Kings of Leon, Weezer and Stevie Wonder. Holiday Matinee's Dave Brown will be going along to document the experience.

Congratulations, Joel P. West. Well played, Team San Diego, well played.

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