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Harrah's Resort Southern California hosted classic hard rock legends Deep Purple.

Photo Credit: John Hancock]]>
<![CDATA[Fiction Family]]> Tue, 26 Aug 2014 08:28:58 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/leopold.jpg
Leopold & His Fiction, who are at the Casbah on Tuesday, draw heavily from their Detroit roots.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Leopold and His Fiction]]>
<![CDATA[RSVP Now for SoundDiego LIVE at Bar Pink on 8/29!]]> Thu, 21 Aug 2014 15:01:13 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/Barbarian+Oysterfest+2014+%281%29.jpg
Join us on Friday, Aug. 29, at Bar Pink for a FREE show, with 91x's Robin Roth hosting and Barbarian performing!

Photo Credit: John Hancock]]>
<![CDATA[Rain Closes Burning Man Gate]]> Mon, 25 Aug 2014 14:14:11 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/160*120/BM+2013-171.JPG
California may be in a drought but there's too much rain in northern Nevada.

Photo Credit: Josh Keppel]]>
<![CDATA[And They're Off...]]> Mon, 25 Aug 2014 12:27:51 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/Iration+X-Fest+2014+Sleep+Train+%286%29.jpg
The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club announces its inaugural fall concert season, which brings even more big name acts to the race track.

Photo Credit: Alex Matthews]]>
<![CDATA[Zeroing in on Javier Escovedo]]> Mon, 25 Aug 2014 10:23:50 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/Javier+Escovedo.jpg
Javier Escovedo talks with SoundDiego about his illustrious rock history and how he brought it all full circle with his new single, "See You Around."]]>
<![CDATA[Hot Tub Rock Machine]]> Mon, 25 Aug 2014 10:14:28 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/160*121/jacuzzi-boys_142218727873.jpg
It's another Burger Records night at the Casbah, where Jacuzzi Boys headline with their "tropical rock & roll."

Photo Credit: Courtesy Family Artists]]>
<![CDATA[The Upward Spiral: NIN and Soundgarden]]> Sun, 24 Aug 2014 14:15:23 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/Nine+Inch+Nails+Sleep+Train+8.21+for+Review+%283%29.jpg
Sleep Train Amphitheatre hosted one of the biggest shows of the year Aug. 21 with Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden -- and it didn't disappoint.

Photo Credit: Alex Matthews]]>
<![CDATA[A Garage 2 Glory Showdown]]> Sun, 24 Aug 2014 10:42:41 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/G+2+G+082314.jpg
Two bands enter, one band plays: Both Electric Healing Sound and Grizzly Business are fantastic indie rock bands, but only one of them will join our SoundDiego LIVE party at Bar Pink on Aug. 29 -- and YOU decide]]>
<![CDATA[SoundDiego Set List: Aug. 24-30]]> Sun, 24 Aug 2014 10:25:08 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/Panic+at+the+Disco+X-Fest+2014+%284%29.jpg
We highlight some of the best shows in town over the next few days with this week's SoundDiego Set List.

Photo Credit: Alex Matthews]]>
<![CDATA[Keep on Truckin']]> Sun, 24 Aug 2014 09:56:59 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/cardboard+truckers.jpg
Sunday's about havin' a good ole time -- and that's just what you'll get when Cardboard Truckers roll into the Casbah.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cardboard Truckers]]>
<![CDATA[Live: Magic!]]> Sat, 23 Aug 2014 11:00:34 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/181*120/Magic+8.15.14+Band+Music+Del+Mar+Track+%283%29.jpg
The red-hot "Rude" reggae fusion rockers Magic! played their song of the summer at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.

Photo Credit: Ryan Cowen]]>
<![CDATA[Gipsy Kings Are a Family Affair]]> Sun, 24 Aug 2014 11:01:49 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/160*120/GNSF117-gipsykings0052_2.jpg
The Grammy-winning, flamenco-rooted band of brothers make their way to Humphrey's this month to celebrate 25 years in music.

Photo Credit: Gipsy Kings]]>
<![CDATA[He's Ours]]> Sat, 23 Aug 2014 10:26:48 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/160*120/Built+to+Spill.jpg
Singer/songwriter Jason Mraz plays the final night of a three-night run at the San Diego Civic Theatre on Saturday.

Photo Credit: MySpace]]>
<![CDATA[The Tontons Turn on Soda Bar]]> Fri, 22 Aug 2014 10:42:31 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/The+Tontons.jpg
The Tontons may have taken their name from a giant "Star Wars" creature, but there is nothing monstrous about their sound -- their song "So Young" is an exercise in pop dreaminess.]]>
<![CDATA[Lake Street Dives into San Diego]]> Fri, 22 Aug 2014 10:43:06 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/198*120/Lake+Street+Dive+Jarrod+McCabe+Press+Photo.jpg
Soulful indie pop rockers Lake Street Dive fill the North Park Theatre for a sold-out performance on Friday.

Photo Credit: Jarrod McCabe]]>
<![CDATA[The Buck-o-Nine Stops Here]]> Fri, 22 Aug 2014 08:53:12 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/Buck+O+Nine-6604.jpg
San Diego mainstays Buck-o-Nine return to San Diego, and the Casbah stage, on Friday night.

Photo Credit: Marissa Carter]]>
<![CDATA[They're in Good Kompany]]> Fri, 22 Aug 2014 09:54:48 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/Vokab+Kompany-6295.jpg
Vokab Kompany will be joined by San Diego music-scene anchors Transfer and the Silent Comedy on the stage in Del Mar -- check out the weekend picks from 91x's Robin Roth.

Photo Credit: Marissa Carter]]>
<![CDATA[Live: Lynyrd Skynyrd]]> Thu, 21 Aug 2014 10:21:20 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/Lynyrd+Skynyrd+Pechanga+Lead+Photo+Cropped.jpg
We're sure the phrase "Play 'Free Bird'!" was shouted about a million times at Lynyrd Skynyrd's Pechanga Resort & Casino show -- and we're sure they didn't disappoint.

Photo Credit: John Hancock]]>
<![CDATA[Monsters of '90s Rock South Bay]]> Thu, 21 Aug 2014 08:27:43 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/trent-reznor1.jpg
Nine Inch Nails share a bill with Soundgarden at Sleep Train Amphitheatre on Thursday.

Photo Credit: Getty Images]]>
<![CDATA[Drive Like Jehu to Play Reunion Show]]> Sun, 24 Aug 2014 14:20:27 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/SpreckelsPavilion.jpg
Seminal San Diego rockers Drive Like Jehu announced they would reunite for a show at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion.]]>
<![CDATA[Live: Arcade Fire and Spoon]]> Mon, 18 Aug 2014 10:14:42 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/Arcade+Fire+Sleep+Train+8.5.14+%2814%29.jpg
Sleep Train Amphitheatre welcomed one of the biggest shows of the year when Arcade Fire and Spoon came to town on Aug. 5.

Photo Credit: John Hancock]]>
<![CDATA[Live: Slash]]> Wed, 20 Aug 2014 11:09:41 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/Slash+Pechanga+8.9.14+%282%29.jpg
We got up-close-and-personal with Slash -- the infamous top-hatted guitarist from Guns n' Roses -- when he hit the Pechanga Resort & Casino.

Photo Credit: Alex Matthews]]>
<![CDATA[Finding "The Way on Up"]]> Wed, 20 Aug 2014 11:10:29 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/160*160/applebrown.jpg
Baritone saxman Gabriel Sundy slashes and burns through fields of his own creations on the new release "The Way on Up," by the Applebrown Jazz Ensemble.

Photo Credit: R. Feder]]>
<![CDATA[Naked in North Park]]> Wed, 20 Aug 2014 08:09:51 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/TheNakedandFamous_PhotoBy_DaveMa_5+-+Copy.jpg
The Naked and Famous ride the fame train to the North Park Theatre on Wednesday.

Photo Credit: Dave Ma]]>
<![CDATA[Happy Jason Mraz Day!]]> Tue, 19 Aug 2014 21:46:33 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/jjjjjDSC_0144.jpg
Mayor Kevin Faulconer is set to make a big announcement for hometown pop singer/songwriter Jason Mraz.

Photo Credit: Eric S. Page]]>
<![CDATA[Live: Arctic Monkeys]]> Sun, 24 Aug 2014 14:19:30 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/176*120/Arctic+Monkeys+SDSU+8.6.14+%2820%29.jpg
Arctic Monkeys, and hometown boys Barbarian, played SDSU's Open Air Theatre on Aug. 6 -- and had the sold-out crowd on its feet the entire time.

Photo Credit: Dan Chusid]]>
<![CDATA[Matt Hires in the House]]> Tue, 19 Aug 2014 08:41:04 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/160*120/matt+hires1.jpg
Singer/songwriter showcases at private homes may be the best way to see a show -- and Matt Hires is at one Tuesday in El Cajon.

Photo Credit: Rosemary Bystrak]]>
<![CDATA[Hear It Here: Blackout Party]]> Mon, 18 Aug 2014 16:20:45 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/Blackout+Party+Rebecca+Joelson.jpg
Hear the new single from Blackout Party here first -- and support the alt-country stompers' new IndieGoGo campaign.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Joelson]]>
<![CDATA[Buddy Banter Break the Bank]]> Mon, 18 Aug 2014 10:23:42 -0700 >> http://bitly.com/UBvwWa]]> >> http://bitly.com/UBvwWa]]> http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/Buddy+Banter.jpg
Local fuzz pop trio Buddy Banter -- set to take charge at SoundDiego LIVE at Bar Pink on Aug. 29 with Barbarian -- talk to 91x's Robin Roth about the funding for their new album ...]]>
<![CDATA[So Fresh, So Clean]]> Mon, 18 Aug 2014 10:13:50 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/164*120/FreshAndOnlys_byDavidBlack.jpg
The Casbah is the place to be at on this fine Monday night -- where the Fresh and Onlys bring their latest record, "House of Spirits," to life.

Photo Credit: David Black]]>
<![CDATA[Rise of the Zombies]]> Sun, 17 Aug 2014 14:36:13 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/The+Zombies+Press+Photo.jpg
The Zombies frontman, Colin Blunstone, shares his thoughts on the band's everlasting popularity -- and getting screamed off airport tarmacs by adoring fans in 1967.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of thezombies.net]]>
<![CDATA[SoundDiegoGram Gallery]]> Mon, 18 Aug 2014 14:02:49 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/160*160/1051375114471867555306521233746330n.jpg
Photos of the San Diego music scene, sent to us by you on our free iPhone app or via Instagram with the hashtag #sounddiego.

Photo Credit: sounddiego/Instagram]]>
<![CDATA[A Barbaric SoundDiego LIVE]]> Mon, 18 Aug 2014 10:24:38 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/WEB_BARBARIAN_SOUNDDIEGO_081614_1200x675_318853699682.jpg
Barbarian, fresh off of opening for Arctic Monkeys, tell 91x's Robin Roth how they settled on their name -- and end up writing a song on the spot. RSVP for SoundDiego LIVE on]]>
<![CDATA[SoundDiego Set List: Aug. 17-23]]> Sun, 17 Aug 2014 10:10:05 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/AP208166347222.jpg
Nine Inch Nails? Grouplove? Dillon Francis? Those are just three of this week's monster shows -- watch our Set List for details!

Photo Credit: AP]]>
<![CDATA[Upcoming Concerts]]> Sun, 24 Aug 2014 14:20:59 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/161424949.jpg
Some of the names playing San Diego stages this summer may surprise you, including the Black Keys.

Photo Credit: Getty Images for NARAS]]>
<![CDATA[All You Need Is Grouplove]]> Sun, 17 Aug 2014 13:32:33 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/165*120/Coachella+2014+Friday+April+11+Artist+Photo+%2833%29.jpg
Sunday's got something in store for everyone -- whether it's Artwalk at Liberty Station or Grouplove at SDSU -- be sure to cap the weekend off right.]]>
<![CDATA[Live: Amos Lee]]> Sat, 16 Aug 2014 12:23:00 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/173*120/Amos+Lee+Humphreys+%283%29.jpg
Humphrey's By the Bay welcomed acoustic folk/soul singer/songwriter Amos Lee with open arms on Aug. 5, with Amy Helm & the Handsome Strangers opening.

Photo Credit: Steve Covault]]>
<![CDATA[Los Rakas Raise the Bar]]> Sat, 16 Aug 2014 12:17:34 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/GNSF116-LosRakas.jpg
Raka Dun and Raka Rich bring the Panabay party to the House of Blues Friday.

Photo Credit: courtesy of Los Rakas]]>
<![CDATA[ME Report: Student OD'd After Sun God]]> Sat, 16 Aug 2014 12:38:32 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/UCSD+Sun+God+Crowd+Shots+%285%29.jpg
A UCSD student found dead in his room just hours after the school’s annual Sun God Festival, died of an accidental drug overdose, the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed.

Photo Credit: Alex Matthews]]>
<![CDATA[It's a Great Beach Day]]> Sat, 16 Aug 2014 12:51:06 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/beach+day.jpeg
Beach Day are just one of the great acts Soda Bar is presenting around San Diego on Saturday.

Photo Credit: Kimmy Day, Courtesy Big Hassle]]>
<![CDATA[The Glasmus Buzz]]> Fri, 15 Aug 2014 10:59:47 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/GNSF115-glasmus.jpg
Tijuana's alt-rock buzzband is ready to rock the crowds at the 10th annual TJ Beerfest on Saturday.

Photo Credit: courtesy of Glasmus]]>
<![CDATA[Holly Hofmann: Low Life]]> Fri, 15 Aug 2014 14:01:20 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/192*120/Holly+Hoffman+Press+Photo.jpg
Surrounding herself with impeccable talent, Holly Hofmann goes for it in an excellent showcase of her abilities with the lesser-played instrument.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of hollyhoffman.com]]>
<![CDATA[Hey Jules]]> Fri, 15 Aug 2014 09:55:40 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/231*120/Julian+Marley.png
The weekend is upon us yet again and 91x's Robin Roth makes her picks of the best shows you need to be at.]]>
<![CDATA[Friday Night Live]]> Fri, 15 Aug 2014 09:17:28 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/Helio1.jpg
Helio Sequence return to San Diego for a show at the Casbah on Friday.

Photo Credit: Pavlina Summers]]>
<![CDATA[Live: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers]]> Thu, 14 Aug 2014 10:40:37 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/Tom+Petty+Viejas+Arena+8.3.14+%2831%29.jpg
Viejas Arena had a sold-out crowd runnin' down a dream when Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers came to town on Aug. 3 with Steve Winwood opening.

Photo Credit: John Hancock]]>
<![CDATA[Just Say Yes]]> Thu, 14 Aug 2014 11:19:01 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/180*120/YES+2014+by+Rob+Shanahn+small.jpg
Yes' founding bassist, Chris Squire, talks the band's new album and what's in store for them -- before their Aug. 18 show at Humphrey's.

Photo Credit: Rob Shanahn]]>
<![CDATA[The Black Kids Are Alright]]> Thu, 14 Aug 2014 08:15:24 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/160*121/blackkids.jpg
The Black Kids return to San Diego for their first local show in many years.

Photo Credit: Getty Images]]>
<![CDATA[8 SD Musicians to Follow on Twitter]]> Wed, 13 Aug 2014 12:04:14 -0700 http://media.nbcsandiego.com/images/213*120/rrr50.jpg
Some San Diego musicians use Twitter better than others -- her are eight that do it right.

Photo Credit: John Audley]]>