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Prop Zero Links: Tuesday, July 13



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    U.S. Senate candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina celebrates her primary win with her husband Frank Fiorina at her side at the California Republican Party event on California Primary Election night on June 8, 2010 in Anaheim, California. Fiorina hopes to unseat Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer who is in a virtual tie with Republican challenger Tom Campbell, according to a recent poll.

    Death Penalty Differences: The candidates' differences on the issue might mean it has political weight this November. [SF Gate]

    Governor Suggests Terminating Superintendent's Office: The governor says it's time to abolish the office of superintendent of public instruction. [California Watch]

    Fiorina Questions Fed's AZ Lawsuit:
    The Senate candidate says "they ought to be applying that standard consistently and they clearly are not." [OC Register]

    Feinstein Takes Side on Prop 19: The Senator backs a campaign to defeat the marijuana legalization measure. [LA Times]

    Meanwhile, in Oakland...:
    That city is considering a plan that would permit four "industrial-scale medical cannabis" cultivation facilities -- big pot farms. [California Watch]

    Assessors Release Property Tax Polls:
    On the whole, it looks like good news for homeowners but bad news for local governments that rely on the taxes. [Sacramento Bee]

    State Taken to Court Over School Funding:
    The lawsuit filed in Alameda County claims California is failing its students. [Bay Citizen]