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Prop Zero Links: Monday, Aug. 9



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    Finally, the parents and children of New York City are learning the truth. The people at the head of the state educational system are admitting what we have long suspected: that previous numbers on math and reading tests were phony.

    Job No. 1: The SF Gate outlines what the candidates have had to say about job creation. [SF Gate]

    Need Tickets?: The Fair Political Practices Commission will consider new rules regarding public officials and free tickets. [California Watch]

    Big Donors Shy Away From Prop 19: Unlike the state's 1996 medical pot initiative, Prop 19 hasn't attracted large donations. [LA Times]

    Boxer-Fiorina Contest in Spotlight: Roll Call's Stuart Rothenberg says it's one of the races that must go the GOP's way if the party wants to retake the Senate. [Sacramento Bee]

    Wrap Your Mind Around This: A website created by Stanford and UC Berkeley is changing math research. [Mercury News]