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Prop Zero Links: Friday, June 4



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    TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - NOVEMBER 26: The sun sets behind high-tension power lines on November 26, 2009 near Tel Aviv in central Israel. The British medical journal, The Lancet, published studies this week showing that cutting carbon dioxide emissions could save millions of lives, mostly by reducing preventable deaths from heart and lung diseases. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

    Analysis of Prop 16 Ad: The Sac Bee analyzes the ad about Prop 16 -- the New Two-Thirds Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers Act -- that plays off a popular credit card commercial. [Sac Bee]

    Model for a Comeback:
    The Washington Post's take on California's GOP Senate candidates and what the party might learn from their models. [Washington Post]

    Honey, It's Sarah: Is a robo call from Sarah Palin in the future? [SF Gate]

    "We Can Do Better:" And to improve compliance with the state's hands-free law, the state Senate backs increased fines. [Capitol Alert]

    Summer Fizzler: Community college leaders say a rough summer is ahead because of state funding reductions. [LA Times]