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iPhone 5 Due in October (Maybe)



    Designer Michal Bonikowski's guess at what Apple's next iPhone could look like.

     Waiting for an iPhone 5? You'll have to wait longer than expected. Previously believed to launch in September, an AT&T vice president has purportedly confirmed that Apple's next iPhone will not debut until the first week of October.

    Here's the nitty gritty from BGR:
    One of our high-level AT&T sources just informed us that an AT&T Vice President has confirmed to several employees that the iPhone 5 is slated to launch in early October. Additionally, the VP communicated the following to a group of managers: 'Expect things to get really, really busy in the next 35-50 days, so prepare your teams accordingly'.
    Boy, Apple's really keeping everybody on their toes, isn't it? First the iPad 3 gets pushed back to 2012 (not that we seriously believed it would launch this year, given the iPad 2's runaway success) and now a later than expected iPhone 5 release? It's about time it launches. We want to move on to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 already.
    That's the price you get if you gotta have the newest Apple gear. In recent news, alleged shots of the iPhone 5 being assembled at a Chinese factory and what appears to be a wide home button are going around.
    If those pics turn out to be the real deal, then the reverse-designed renders that MacRumors conjured up might have hit it right on the mark.
    Hang in there. Will the iPhone 5 change things all over again? Only Steve Jobs knows. Let the games begin...again.
    BGR, via 9to5Mac
    -- DVICE