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New iPhone's Connector Makes Older Docks Obsolete



    Apple's new iPhone will reportedly make older accessories obsolete.

    Leaked video of the next iPhone's case structure, confirms that Apple will soon be introducing a new 19-pin connector.

    Supposedly made to save a little space over the current connector, we suspect switching to an all new version will create a ripple effect that's bound to leave a lot of customers pretty ticked.

    The current 30-pin connector has been with us since the 3rd generation iPod came out over nine years ago, and since then a massive side industry has been built creating aftermarket products that connect to the port. None of those will work with the iPhone 5 when it finally makes its debut.

    This isn't a big problem if you have a $20 car charger or even a $50 bedside clock with a dock, but what if you forked out $600 for a B&W Zeppelin Air or $562,000 for a Jarre AeroDream One? You're going to pretty upset to find that you can't use it with the latest iDevices.

    I just hope someone comes up with an adapter that isn't too cheezy.

    Via TechCrunch

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