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Google Digitizes the Dead Sea Scrolls



    A section of the Psalms scroll, that is on display at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, is shown on Tuesday, March 7, 2000. Psalms, the largest scroll in the exhibition, is a liturgical collection of psalms and hymns, comprising parts of 41 Biblical psalms. Starting Friday, the public can view 15 Dead Sea Scrolls, believed to include the oldest surviving copies of the books of the Old Testament, that may answer some fundamental questions about the development of Christianity and Judaism.(AP Photo/Stephen J. Carrera)

    Google is digitizing history.

    The Mountain View-based search company is putting portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls online, which contain some of the oldest known copies of the biblical documents.

    Google is making five of the scrolls available as high-resolution images. The original documents were written on parchment and papyrus.

    To make the scrolls more accessible to a wider audience, Google is also offering English translations of the scrolls from their original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.