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Capturing Olympics with Tricked-Out iPhone



    Germany Hannes Aigner paddles to Bronze in the Mens's Kayak (K1) at the Lee Valley White Water Centre. Photograph: Dan Chung/IPhone 4S/Canon Binoculars/Snapseed

    A Guardian photographer, accustomed to lugging around huge lenses, is capturing the London Olympics with, basically, his phone -- and the images are impressive, if not incredible.

    Dan Chung is photographing the games with an iPhone, an app and some after-market lenses or binoculars (but only occasionally).

    Chung is using the photo-editing app Snapseed. He also sometimes puts the lens up to a pair of Canon binoculars or the Schneider lens iPro Wide Duo Kit. (His setup is the nearby photo.)

    Compare that gear with an 800mm lens (among others), other camera bodies, filters and backup batteries and memory cards.

    Traveling light never shot so well.

    Click here to see his photoblog on the Guardian's site.