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Apple's Black Friday Specifics Leaked

Black Friday sale has discounts on majority of product lines



    The MacBook Airs are the biggest discounted item planned for Apple's Black Friday sale.

    Apple's annual Black Friday sale have been uncovered a little early, thanks to, and they are slightly better than in recent years.

    Discounts on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, iPod, iMac and accessories are all getting a price break.

    The Macs are $101 less than normal. The iPads are on a sliding discount scale, with bigger breaks for bigger capacities. The iPod Nano is $11 cheaper, with the iPod touch on a scale similar to the iPads.

    The best deal is on the base MacBook Air, starting at $898. (9to5Mac mentions the Best Buy deal, as well.)

    Accessories -- including the Aiport models -- are also discounted.

    The entire, leaked pamphlet is here.

    Happy Black Friday, indeed.