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Dennis Duffy's "30 Rock" Return: One Reason to Give Valentine's Thanks




    At last a reason for even lonely hearts to look forward to Valentine's Day -- the "30 Rock" episode.

    Most exciting is the return of Tina Fey's non-food love interests, including Jon Hamm as the slightly clueless stud. But even more exciting is that he will clearly be competing with former "Subway Hero" Dennis Duffy (Dean Winters) for Tina's affections. This recurring character is one of the great treasures of a show filled with gaudy comedic riches.

    The show's braintrust is keeping mum about the details but it's good to see that Duffy, who prides himself on being the beeper king of New York, is still proudly rocking his outdated hardware along with a killer stone-washed jacket.

    All we know about this show is that Liz Lemon (Fey) schedules a root canal appointment on Valentine's Day to keep herself from feeling lonely. The beautiful and funny Elizabeth Banks (who had a memorable role on the other great comedy going "Modern Family") plays a successful CNBC host wooed by Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin). And Jane Krakowski is disappointed when her creepy stalker loses interest.